• The New Order #28

The New Order

The New Order #28

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The New Order is a bi-annual publication focused on culture, with fashion, art, music, film, food all amongst the topics. 

In this issue: 

THISISNEVERTHAT, featuring JIN DOGG, TETSUYA AKIYAMA (GRILLZ JEWELZ), UCARY VALENTINE, YOSHIFUMI “YOPPI” EGAWA, YUKUMO EGAWA & YUKI BENIYA and photographed by James Oliver. German based label POLYPLOID was photographed in Berlin by photographer Taro Mizutani. BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB / ICECREAM who are currently celebrating its 20th anniversary are featured with a look at the brands history. MAX PITTION, who have relaunched itself his year under the guidance of Tommy O’Gara is featured with a think piece. AKIRA KOSEMURA, composer and pianist was photographed by Yusuke Abe in Tokyo. JUN INAGAWA invited us into his studio providing us with a great insight into his world. Furthermore we have fashion editorials shot in Tokyo and London. 

Auckland, New Zealand; 235x305mm; 248 pages

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