• The Posthumanist #2

The Posthumanist

The Posthumanist #2

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The Posthumanist is a bi-annual English and German print magazine for more-than-human art, design, technology, and writing. Each issue presents one theme from more-than-human perspectives, inviting readers to imagine what living together on planet Earth could be.

This second issue looks at Rhythms and features work by:

  • Adam Walker
  • Asako Ujita
  • Beny Wagner
  • Bella Howard
  • Delal Seker Bulut
  • Elvia Wilk
  • Frank Wasser
  • Gertrude Gibbons
  • Eryk Salvaggio
  • Helene Schulze
  • Jane Hartshorn
  • Julianne Chua
  • Kit Kuksenok
  • Lena Rissmann
  • Lizzie Wilson
  • Louis d’Heudières
  • Lucia Pietroiusti
  • Neslihan Yakut
  • Susan Morris

Berlin & London; 196mm x 270mm; 82 pages; bi-annual

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