• The Surfer’s Journal 31.5

The Surfer's Journal

The Surfer’s Journal 31.5

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As a reader-supported, independent surf publication, The Surfer’s Journal is a truly unique periodical. They delve into topics that get little attention elsewhere, covering travel adventures, surfboard design, profiles of surfing’s most colorful subjects, and the choicest surf photography in every issue.

Issue 31.5 includes

  • Essay: The Duke and the Craft by Cedar Hobbs
  • Interview: Clyde Aikau - Some Men are Mountains by Beau Flemister 
  • The Quiet Line - “As a creative director, fine-art painter, and surfer, Marcello Serpa tracks substance” by Adrian Kojin 
  • Limbering Music - “Searching for distinct forms of perfection with French stylist and autodidact Clovis Donizetti” by Dodge Weirath and Thomas Lodin
  • And more…

San Clemente, California, 227mm x 276mm, 128 pages, June/July 2022

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