• The Walrus, January/February 2024

The Walrus

The Walrus, January/February 2024

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The Walrus provokes new thinking and sparks conversation on matters vital to Canadians. They're a registered charity that publishes independent, fact-based journalism tackling current affairs, fiction, and poetry.

In this issue: 

  • It's Time For A Birth Control Revolution
  • Art of the Steal: Why are plundered African artifacts still in Western museums?
  • Just So You Know, I Love My Mother: Multigenerational living makes sense, but that doesn't make it easy
  • Canada in the Middle: What role can we play in easing the war in Gaza?
  • Would You Watch A Play About Hydro Electricity?
  • Invisible Lives: Without immigration status, Canada's undocumented youth stay in the shadows

Toronto, Canada; 220mm x 310mm; 64 pages

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