• Turps Painting Magazine #26

Turps Painting Magazine

Turps Painting Magazine #26

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Turps Magazine is a publication about painting written by painters.

No advertising
No backers
No professional critics
No lifestyle drivel

In this issue:

  • Daniel Sturgis in conversation with Machiko Edmondson
  • Juan Bolivar by Andrew Grassie
  • Francis Bacon: Outside, Inside, Around the Box by Colin Smith
  • Rebecca Gilpin interviews Mary Heilmann
  • Still Life: Dan Howard-Birt on Georges Braque
  • Matt Lippiatt meets Cecily Brown
  • Katie Pratt talks with Vivien Zhang
  • Mitch Speed writes about Rebecca Watson Horn's Paintings
  • Gareth Kemp on Caspar David Friedrich's Cairn in Snow
  • Charles Williams and Matthew Askey see the Funny Side
  • Michael Szpakowski on a work by António Dacosta
  • Abstract/Figurative: Paul Allender on George McNeil
  • A Letter from Belgium: Colin Smith on Flexboj & L.A.

London, United Kingdom; 210x270mm, 80 pages; bi-annually (Spring & Autumn)


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