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Under The Star Apple Tree

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Under the Star Apple Tree is a story that unfolds over nine days, following the Filipino tradition of honouring the deceased with a wake. Set against illustrations of the picturesque rural mountains of the Philippines, the narrative explores deep-rooted spiritual beliefs tied to the natural world. This book explores themes of diasporic identity as it seeks to reconnect with ancestral stories and grapple with prejudices faced by rural farmers. Inspired by recent loss, the story captures a pilgrimage to the Philippines, navigating cultural heritage and personal grief. Under the Star Apple Tree is an exploration of Filipino customs, ancestral ties, and the quest for belonging amidst the complexities of modern diasporic life.

About the artist: Jacqueline (Jackie) Marcelo, an illustrator and painter from Toronto, delves into the natural and spiritual realms through her artwork. Her illustrations highlight the interplay between anitos (spirits) and the environment, celebrating Filipino traditions while exploring themes of identity within the diaspora as she seeks to reconnect with her ancestral roots.

By Jacqueline Marcelo; 2024; 216x140mm; 38 pages; Digital Print, Full Colour; Zine Shine 2024

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