• BranD #68
  • BranD #68


BranD #68

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BranD defines a new way to look into communication design by presenting, researching, and manifesting excellent works in visual art, advertising, product, graphic design, and more. Every issue defines a theme and invites worldwide notable branding designers to analyze and discuss the methodology behind meeting diverse customer demands, meanwhile enhancing the brand value through high-quality design.
In this issue: 

This issue takes on ‘Graphic crisis and chance,’ addressing this critical moment at the intersection of technology and design.

Editor Nicole Lo declares that a design revolution is imminent, so it's all the more urgent for designers to ask the big questions: How does AI enhance creativity? How can visuals be reshaped across disciplines? How to create motion design? BranD's latest issue is here to encourage designers to move beyond their existential crisis and on to action and solutions. All wrapped in a hazardous bellyband. 

Hong Kong, 223mm x 295mm, bi-monthly, publishes both Chinese and English-Chinese versions (this is the bilingual version)
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