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V Magazine #136

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V Magazine is an American fashion title. Launched in 1999, the magazine highlights trends in fashion, film, music and art.

In this issue:  

V can already see the headlines: “Gisele makes her comeback at 42 and looks better than ever!” But it’s not really a comeback when your star power and influence are as big as Gisele Bündchen’s, the world-famous mega-model whose name is synonymous with fashion. Just as a musician might take a few quiet years before dropping a new album, so too can one of fashion’s biggest names take a break and then step back in front of the camera whenever she is ready. However you want to look at it, we’re thrilled to have Gisele grace the cover of V136! With her bright personality, we’re commemorating the coming of warmer months with our favorite fiery Brazilian sporting the best of Spring/Summer couture.

Fashion is back…and Gisele is leading the charge!

New York, USA; 250 x 340mm; 90 pages

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