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V Magazine #138

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V Magazine is an American fashion title. Launched in 1999, the magazine highlights trends in fashion, film, music and art.

In this issue: 10.2 million people visit the Mona Lisa each year. In comparison, 80.2 million people watch Lalisa Manobal’s every move on Instagram. Of course, visiting a museum is one thing—images flashing on your screen is another. But somehow, Lisa del Giocondo, the subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s ubiquitous portrait, likely finished in 1517, is no longer the most famous “Lisa” in the world. (And let’s not even discuss that Simpson.) Just check Google, where Lisa (of BLACKPINK) was more commonly searched for than the painting in the past five years.

New York, USA; 250 x 340mm; 152 pages

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