• Worms #5


Worms #5

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Worms is a bi-annual literary magazine that celebrates female and non-binary writer culture. Founded in 2019, by Clem Macleod, Worms began with a mad, spiraling obsession with the late Kathy Acker. 

In this issue: 

  • New Narrative alongside writers working today that incorporate some of it’s themes.
  • Our cover star Saidiya Hartman talks with Rhea Dillon about the limits and processes of creating stories from the archive.
  • Camille Roy and Dodie Bellamy give us insight into New Narrative from their experiences involved in the movement.
  • Savannah Knoop tells us about their life playing the character of J.T Leroy.
  • Calla Henkel delves into ideas of using other people’s narratives as our own. 

London, UK; 180 x 270mm; 144 pages; Biannual

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