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A-S-C (Anti-Subscription Catalogue)

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Are you tired of subscriptions? I am. Creative workers are tired, and our subscriptions have expired. In response, the Anti-Subscription Catalogue is a community-sourced project with 105 non-subscription, free, open-source, and one-time fee software — which can provide relief from monopolized and financialized platforms. Why? The subscription cost can rise at any time, implement region-based barriers, even train proprietary algorithms for private gain off our own labour, and use deceptive design interactions to entice from 'freemium' to tiered features. Your access to the tools you depend upon for sustenance and fulfillment erodes. You end up paying more over time. A-S-C seeks to grow regionally and globally in third spaces, schools, libraries, archives, tables, booths, parks, and websites — in the form of workshops or ways of self-learning together. We promote a creative diversity of tools, software, websites, and sovereign ad-hoc strategies. Like, share, and… tell all your friends. Say no to creative rent! A-S-C instead.

Website: www.a-s-c.org

About the maker: Chris Lange is an independent designer, precarious prof, and writer who recently completed an MFA in graphic design at VCFA. His current focus is exploring how independent tools, libraries, and languages can provide relief from a monopolized Web — while increasing our ability to access, reclaim agency, and have choice. 

By Chris Lange; 2023; 127x203.2mm; 24 pages; Risograph; Zine Shine 2024; 

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