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Archive Of Affirmations

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Archive of Affirmations is a heartfelt response to the profound support I have received as an artist. This fabric zine is a testament that we're not alone in our feelings of darkness. Its soft tactility is a way to connect and share that understanding and empathy for oneself. Archive of Affirmations is eight pages, roughly 4in by 6in (when closed).  I make every single one by hand. The images are mine; I write the poetry, develop and screen print the fabric, and sew them together.

About the artist: Olivia Mae Sinclair is a textile-book artist. Her intuitive and trauma-based practice is guided by sloppy craft and imperfection. She is addicted to infatuation and Redbull. She is a maker of books, love and other grotesque things. Typically books made from fabric are intended for children and infants. Olivia Mae Sinclair’s books however are made for lovers, survivors, artists, her, him, them and me.

By Olivia Mae Sinclair; 2023; 101.6x152.4mm; 8 pages; Hand Screen Printed on Linen, Sewn with Cotton Thread; Zine Shine 2024

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