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BRAINED is an exploration of the brain, transness and abolition. A small sentient brain bites the main character, and then they meet a Big Brain. The Big Brain takes them on an adventure across different scenes and soliloquies. The two quickly form a nurturing and explorative relationship.

Content warning: biting, blood description, decapitation, drugs, horror, reality disillusionment, suggestive material, swearing. 

About the artist: My name is Billy! I'm a he/him, non-binary woman and I just debuted my first zine/novella! It's about sentient brains, mental health, transness, and abolition. It’s called Brained, it costs $10 and 50% of my earnings will go to @pal.gaza14. I also write poetry and sew sensory friendly spiked collars. @billy.lovesbilly

By Billy Gilchrist; 2024; 215x297mm; 24 pages; Black and White; Zine Shine 2024

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