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Devotional Chaos

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"Got Jesus on my necklace-ace-ace" - Ke$ha.

Episode 1 of Devotional Chaos is a collaborative cough up alter. An ongoing queer exploration of the feral divine. (belief, spirit, irony, transmuting religious trauma, riffing, patterns, pocket trash).

Poems, collage, and ephemera to yearn to, risk to, pee while on speaker phone to. We are concerned with the new “salvation” but more concerned with inventing the new word for "meme"

About the makers: Melly is a poet with work in Metatron Press, Arc Poetry Magazine, and the Toronto Biennial of Art. Mic is a poet with work in The Poetry Project, CV2, and Peripheral Review. They both facilitate community arts programming in Tkaronto. This is their first zine together. 

By Melly Davidson and Mic Jones; 2024;  6 x 7 1/2 inches; 18 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024 

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