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Evergreen: The Symbiotic Issue

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EVERGREEN: THE SYMBIOTIC ISSUE is a double-sided magazine, playing homage to my 17th year of life. Its central theme is, “the bliss of blisters and amity of nature,” with portraits of loved ones who enriched its meaning. With lots of frostbite fingers, frantic nights choosing between tutus and mapping out hiking trails, eight photoshoots were produced under extreme circumstances.

Each shoot tells its own story, crafted to the personalities of each of my friends with undying dedication to embody figments of my dream world. In simplest terms, this is my visual explanation of what it means to “feel green.”

About the maker: Julia Price is an amorist of nature, and design. At the age of 16, her descent into styling and photography begun with the creation of her first magazine, EVERGREEN. In the two years since then, EVERGREEN has grown into her namesake for other projects such as short films and clothing

By Julia Price; 2024; 215.9x270.4mm; 48 pages; Full Colour, Perfect Bound; Zine Shine 2024

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