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Flesh Wounds

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Flesh Wounds examines Chinese adoption by constructing a 'whole' out of broken fragments belonging to others. Rearranging pixelated images, words from adoption pamphlets, lyrics from nationalist songs, and more, it is sold as a set of five zines: Until Transparent, A Love Song for My Country, Supply Chains, Trinkets, and 虽死犹生. Zines are hand-bound with red thread, nodding to the Red Thread of Fate connecting lovers. This Chinese myth was used by white adopters to position the acquisition of 'their' children as fated. Zines come with a QR code that explains image and word sources.

About the maker: Blythe/Shulan is a zinemaker interested in the intersections of Chinese adoption, aesthetics, race theory, and 'yellowness'.

By Blythe Shulan Hunter; 2022; 128x203mm; 5 Hand-Bound Zines; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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