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Floating is a conversation on white-washing, a theme most people of the diaspora can relate to, one that holds me back from fully embracing the culture and skin I was born in, while aching to feel like I belong in the society I was raised in.

A collection of phrases and quotes gathered from others who resonated with my prompt, and imagery of white individuals where faces and identities were removed to create an eerie moment of silence within each page.

"Stories about the discomfort that arises from not fitting in with your own culture, while simultaneously an outcast amongst white society. Juxtaposing quotes received with distorted archival imagery of generations of white individuals."

About the maker: Tahreem Alvi is a Toronto-based designer, art director, and content creator. Tahreem is interested in shaping visual narratives—a natural storyteller, she delivers unexpected and thoughtful multimedia expressions to every project. Her work often experiments with themes of disapora, relationships with body, and the intersections of spirituality and her Muslim identity. 

By Tahreem Alvi; 2018; 222.25x292.1mm; 18 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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