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What to expect from this zine: Reactions and responses to personal experiences / encounters, experimentation of ideas and mediums, indefinite opinions and advise about art and life. Some of our zine issues won't be themed while this one is about Invisibility.

About the project: HALFTONE is an artist-run monthly zine series founded by two visual artists, Karen Takahashi, currently based in Tokyo and Toronto and Sofie Lovelady, based in Montreal. 

HALFTONE is a shared interdisciplinary platform for overflowing artistic ideas concerning everyday experiences, reactions, commentaries, and artistic experimentations through varied mediums. The monthly issues are intermittently themed, presenting contemporary perspectives of the two artists from different backgrounds. With sarcastic yet wholehearted and self-assured yet uncertain voices, HALFTONE asks: what the f**k? 

By Karen Takahashi and Sofie Lovelady; 2023; 139.7x215.9mm; 20 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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