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Honey, I Shrunk My Comics

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Honey, I Shrunk My Comics is a matchbook style mini comic or zine. It's tiny in size and discusses how I have historically printed my work at very small scale because it is so personal in nature. In the zine I am working through my feelings on why I print at small scale and challenging myself to do things differently and make my work big. 

About the artist: Hi, I’m Georgia aka geegeecomics! I’m a cartoonist and illustrator working in Toronto, Ontario. In elementary school, I spent silent reading period with an Archie Comic covertly hidden in another book. These days I write and draw autobiographic comics exploring everyday events and larger themes of my life. My comics often discuss mental health, and use humour to cut through life’s challenges.

By Georgia Grieve (@geegeecomics); 2024; 58x47mm; 20 pages; Laser Print, Hand Cut and Assembled; Zine Shine 2024

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