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I <3 Me'N'Her!

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After spending 2 years with a guy that didn’t like me very much, I broke up with him and began my first ever era of casual dating as a young adult. Fast forward 2 months and several forgettable dates later, I stumbled upon my dream man. Everything I have ever talked about wanting in a potential partner, this man had. A week into dating, one of my closest friends confessed her feelings for me. Dazed, I pushed down whatever confused feelings involving women I had gotten used to suppressing, and continued along with my newly-established boyfriend. Upon returning to school and seeing Her as much as possible, I realized that maybe I DO need to be with a woman, because if that “Perfect” guy wasn’t for me, maybe the fact that he is a MAN is why i am unhappy!

About the maker: Hiya! I’m Juliann Almario, a passionate queer Filipina multimedia designer. I thrive on injecting my personality into every project, ensuring my voice is heard through heartfelt writing, speaking, and creating. I know firsthand how meaningful it is to consume art that resonates with you, so I strive to be a voice for those who can’t speak."

By Juliann Almario; 2023; 105x148mm; 28 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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