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As the first edition of our recurring publication series, issue_01 celebrates new beginnings and teases the summer vibes while also introducing Erin & Chris as the co-creators of junkpress_.

issue_01 draws inspiration from our creative cove, from doing NYT crosswords, making themed playlists and having a DIY solution for everything. packaged and delivered in a newspaper-like format, we hope to release more editions in the future. Join us in our journey to connect creatives and communities through print!

About the project: More than just an eclectic collection of odds and ends, our junk drawer is our silly trove of stories, nostalgia, and life. A publishing space run by Erin & Chris, junkpress_ hopes to share stories imaginatively and authentically, creating anything big and small under the sun.

By Erin and Chris; 2024; 289x380mm; 4 pages; Newsprint; Zine Shine 2024

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