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(love) story no. 1

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(love) story no. 1 is a stream of consciousness zine about living a double life as a sex worker while simultaneously surviving narcissistic abuse. It combines dark photography with written word and screenshots of texts from a real life narcissistic ex*. 

This zine will be the first in a series of stories that explores what it is like dating as a sex worker—written by sex workers.

*any resemblance to real life individuals is purely coincidental. if you think this is about you, do better.

About the artist: interLEWD collective is the brainchild of a duo of artists/sex worker activists that explores sex for pay, sex for play, sexuality & gender, dating & love, surviving abuse, and the grosser side of being a human through art, photos, writing, and illustration. We aim to amplify stories that usually don’t have voices.

By Raquel Simões and SJ Raphael; 148x210mm; 44 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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