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MiBoSo is a zine about travel and its nourishing impact on Mind, Body and Soul.

Produced by Trust The Process Press, the first installment documents an intentional venture between Mexico City and Miami, Florida. Partners, Rhandy Adolphe and Ola Mazzuca, share their experiences through vibrant film and digital photography, accompanied by haikus composed at every step of the journey. The reflective prose unveils raw revelations that emerge when you’re fully present, immersed in new adventures and self-exploration. Every copy includes the MiBoSo Journal, an insert with prompts that invite the reader to define the poems as representing mind, body and/or soul. This offers moments of introspection and pause to consider the ways in which one experiences all three ideas, with room to write down any notes around what comes up in the process. 

About the project: Trust The Process Press is a Toronto-based independent zine publisher founded by Ola Mazzuca and Rhandy Adolphe. The creative imprint is an extension of Ola’s multimedia journalism platform, Sonic Fold, and Rhandy’s artistic identity as SambaRanthony. Both combine and express their mutual passion for the arts, community building and exploring new places. Trust The Process Press is a means for them to share these ideas and experiences with zine lovers near and far.

By Ola Mazzuca and Rhandy Adolphe; 2023; 127x165.1mm; Includes 1x Bookmark and 1x Postcard; Zine Shine 2024

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