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My Garden is my first poetry zine! Cover pages contain photos I took, and each poem is accompanied by a polaroid picture also taken by me. In total, there are seven poems. All of them are connected by a shared theme of various emotional experiences and/or personal growth resulting from those experiences. Additionally, they are all in a somewhat different format, representing my personal views on poetry: the quality of the work should not be judged simply by being structurally the same. Either it is a sonnet or a stream-of-consciousness poem - they deserve to appear next to each other (if that's how the author sees it, of course). The name of this zine comes from my observation of how I "plant" something for my future all the time from my present thoughts, actions, and interactions with other people.

About the maker: Bohdana Sereda is an emerging poet from Ottawa. Born and raised in Ukraine, she started her writing journey in middle school. Here in Canada, she received a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and currently works as a security analyst. After a long hiatus in poetry, she is back to share stories inspired mainly by experiences in her life and modern problems from the viewpoint of personal growth. Find more on her Instagram @garden.grateful.

By Bohdana Sereda; 2024; 216x140mm; 24 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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