• New York Review of Architecture, May/June 2024

New York Review of Architecture

New York Review of Architecture, May/June 2024

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The New York Review of Architecture reviews architecture in New York. 

In this issue: 

  • Metaphor Machine: At Rikers, reality exceeds language.
  • Better Living through Pods: The American Dream keeps getting smaller and smaller.
  • Heartbreak Hotel: An ode to Liberty Inn, site of unseen, carnal pleasures.
  • At Home with the Works: In New York City, real estate plays double duty, and apartments turn into art galleries.
  • Contributors: Andy Battle, Lyta GOld, Marisa Nakasone, Louis Bury, Thomas de Monchaux, Eric Schwartau, Polina Godz, Zach Mortice, Angella d'Avignon, Liza Featherstone, Matthew King, Harrison Stetler, Greta Rainbow, Nolan Kelly, Marissa Lorusso, Matthew Allen, Ana Karina Zatarain, Michael Ferguson, Katelin Penner, Mahdi Sabbagh, Kevin Gonzalez, Kat Herriman, James Andrew Billingsley, Emma Schneider, Michael Nicholas, Charlie Dulik, Marianela D'Aprile, Jesse Dorris, Andrew Marzoni and Nicholas Kemper.

New York City, United States; 265x410mm; 43 pages

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