• pamplemousse #8


pamplemousse #8

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Pamplemousse Magazine is a powerful voice in the film photography community, highlighting the work of up-and-coming and established photographers through photo features, essays, and interviews. The goal of Pamplemousse is to provide a platform for photographers and analog artists to share their work in print, and create something beautiful and inspiring for readers to hold in their hands.

This is The Adventure Issue.

The immensely talented artists featured in this issue are explorers with a love for the natural world who find adventure in their day to day. Their work will inspire you to experience the beauty of the earth while actively seeking to conserve and cherish it.
Plus, tips for finding adventure in your own backyard; an excerpt from a ongoing project by Elliot Ross; and film photography from artists all over the world that will transport you to far away places.

London, United Kingdom; 210mm x 275mm; 110 pages

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