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piss studies

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Piss Studies features 26 drawings of sculptures, paintings, and etchings of pissing figures from the 15th century to the late 20th century. I made the drawings on paper, then stained them with yellow paint and linseed oil. I started working on these drawings as I was reading about the evolution of piss in art from a holy connotation (as in Renaissance cherubs) to a secular and comic edge (as in 17th-century genre paintings and etchings) to an erotic mode (as in 19th-century Japanese xylograph albums and Picasso’s 20th-century Pisseuse paintings) to an insurgent gesture (as in Duchamp’s Fountain). Sometimes, these modes, the pornographic and political for example, bleed into each other in a single piece. On each page, a study of a relatively modern piece is superimposed onto a study of an older one. 

About the artist: Salma is a visual artist and writer in Toronto. She works in drawing, painting, and collage. Find her on instagram @turpentinecxx.

By Salma Ragheb; 2023/2024; 127x127mm; 16 pages, double-sided; Risograph, saddle stitch binding + 2.5" manneken-pis sculpture; Zine Shine 2024

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