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Roman Rumple

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Roman Rumple is an illustrated zine imagining the slow crumbling of Roman Columns throughout history - inspired from an early morning dream of time passing :-)

About the artist: Gart Darley is a Toronto-based artist working in collage, illustration and DIY small press publishing. In Victoria, BC, he curated and co-organized with the Ministry of Casual Living. That's where he started publishing hand-made zines and founded/co-organized Victoria's first annual zine fair, ZINE DAZE. His collages and illustrations have been published in Celluloid Lunch Zine, Quill and Quire, Trinity Review (among others) and appear on album covers, beer cans and music videos. He's exhibited with Pumice Raft, Rochester Collage Society and others. He tables zines under Rotten Variety in BC and Ontario.

By Gart Darley; 2024; 209x133mm; 16 pages; Laser Print; Zine Shine 2024

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