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Should I Have A Baby

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should i have a baby? is a wandering perzine on my constantly fluctuating decision to have a baby based primarily on my climate anxieties. The zine features generous reflections through interviews with friends Pam, Ashley, Julie, Jaydene and my mother Anita.

About the artist: Sonali Menezes is a Hamilton-based multidisciplinary artist and writer. She has been making and distributing zines for 12 years. Sonali’s cookbook zine Depression Cooking won Broken Pencil Magazine's Zine Award for best info zine in 2022. She loves the way zines take artwork off of the white walls of galleries and puts it directly into working peoples’ hands. Sonali’s zines have been distributed widely and live in personal and public zine libraries worldwide.

By Sonali Menezes; 2023; 30 pages; Silkscreen Cover, yellow ink on red paper; Xerox printed black and white interior; Zine Shine 2024

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