• Someday, Somehow, Somewhere!
  • Someday, Somehow, Somewhere!

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Someday, Somehow, Somewhere!

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Someday, somehow, somewhere! is a collection of poetry and still-life images that explore the theme of connection and the profound significance of touch. We often contemplate the essence of human touch as a powerful reminder of past experiences, whether they were overwhelming or perhaps too intense. The verses delve into the dichotomy of individuals yearning for connection while acknowledging the destructive tendencies that some may exhibit, often unaware of the impact on their relationships.

Despite the intricate layers of complexity and occasional disappointments inherent in human relationships, both the images and poetry within the collection resonate with the essence of belonging, hope, and anticipation. They invite contemplation of an uncertain future with an unwavering belief that "Someday, somehow, somewhere," meaningful connections will be rediscovered or forged anew, even in the most unexpected of places and moments.

About the artist: Based in Toronto, Cruz's work serves as a visual and emotional diary, a means through which she navigates and makes sense of her own mental health experiences. Primarily recognized as a lens-based artist, Cruz frequently ventures into diverse creative realms, often intertwining mixed media and poetry in her expressive explorations. 

By Cruz; 2023; 109x70mm; 8 pages; Cyanotype on Watercolour Paper; 3 zines packaged together; Zine Shine 2024

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