• The Boy the Bird & the Rainbow

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The Boy the Bird & the Rainbow

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A young boy living on a bleak black-and-white farm in Pakistan discovers a rainbow after a rainy day. He befriends a hummingbird and after some turmoil decides to travel the world in search of another rainbow. He will do whatever it takes to find it and after decades of searching, he is left with an utterly shocking realization that changes his entire world.

About the artist: Anoosh is a Toronto-based artist who enjoys working in many mediums, especially paint and printmaking. She is inspired by the human mind, nature, and expresses art through familial stories of nostalgia and growing pains. She enjoys incorporating graphic street styles with dainty, rendered images to explore the contradictions found in everyday life. 

By Anoosh Mubashar; 2023; 203.2x203.2mm; 68 pages; Laser Print; Zine Shine 2024

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