• The Same Rainbows End: Origins

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The Same Rainbows End: Origins

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Two-time nominee and one-time Winner of the Broken Pencil Award for Best Fanzine. Have you ever wondered just how Superman became super? Where does it come from? What does it take? How much trauma does one kid have to live through to develop a savour complex so legendary that the whole world remembers their name…?

Meet Lois Lane, a sometimes-white-passing first-generation woman of mixed race. Then, meet Clark Kent, a sometimes-white-passing first-generation Kryptonian immigrant. In this fan fiction reimagining, the world of Superman is presented with an aware and wholesome twist. The two main characters embark on empowering parallel journeys of self-love and discovery as their fated paths cross again and again, forcing them to unpack traumatic childhoods, toxic masculinity, assimilation, and internalized bigotry in the hopes that they may find the courage to feel worthy of their dreams. And, well, in Clark’s case, to finally ask Lois — his love, his muse, his idol, his BOSS — out on a first date before the world explodes!
About the artist: Emmanuelle is a gender-fluid first-generation Filipino-French prolific Canadian cartoonist based out of Toronto. The first woman in history to professionally draw Captain Canuck, her award-winning comic work takes a modern twist on the Hero’s Journey, focusing on unglorified social awareness and self-development.

By Emmanuelle; 85mmx110mm; 44 pages; Laser Print, Black and White; Zine Shine 2024

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