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To Touch explores the enigmatic world of human hands through blend of photography, graphics and poetic prose. Each page explores the nuanced artistry and symbolic power of hands. Witness hands in motion, capturing moments of creation, expression, and connection with unparalleled intimacy. This zine celebrates the duality of hands as both instruments of our skills and windows to our inner selves. Intimate portraits capture hands in moments of contemplation and dexterity, inviting readers to reflect on the tactile language of touch and its role in personal connection.

About the artists:

Blue is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Blue studied Film Design and Animation then built a freelance career with diverse portfolio skills. Blue has worked with musicians all over the world. Her work on music videos has been recognised and spotlighted by Spotify. Since she works as a photographer, illustrator, videographer and animator she often likes to combine these different mediums to create unique visuals.

Vikram Singh is a self-taught portrait photographer whose work breathes life into the mundane, infusing each frame with a vibrant energy that is as captivating as it is refreshing. Raised in the culturally rich cities of Amritsar and Udaipur, Vikram's artistic journey is deeply rooted in the memories of his childhood. Currently based in Toronto, Ontario 

By Blue M Betul K and Vikram Singh; 2024; 139.7x190.5mm; 16 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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