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Weird Era #03

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Weird Era is a literary arts journal created and edited by Sruti Islam. The magazine brings together works that are intrinsically "good". Works that stir something. That make you feel. 

This second issue brings us a thoughtfully curated mix of short stories, illustrations, and sprinkles of photography to fill the 80 pages.

Contributors include:

  • Steve Anwyll
  • Marta Balcewicz
  • Sofia Banzhaf
  • Vannessa Barnier
  • Nicole Cherenek
  • Talia McColgan
  • Nick Mckinlay
  • Jess Miller
  • Anupa Mistry
  • Arizona O’Neill
  • Shola Von Reinhold
  • Rachel Rinn Palmer
  • Marta Ryczko
  • Walter Scott
  • Kawai Shen
  • Nico Williams

Montreal, Quebec; 58 pages; 153mm x 227mm; also Weird Era podcast!

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