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Where Is Jacky?

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Where is Jacky? is a photographic story about a dog with a magnetic personality who has been taken away from his Toronto habitat.

I adopted Jacky 3 years ago and he went on his first North American road trip in Spring of 2024. Jacky was not aware of the planning leading up to this trip, so I think his opinion of the trip was likely quite different from mine. To better understand the possible disconnect between my experience and Jacky’s, I created this zine which documents an alternate reality of our road trip. 

I hope this entertaining collection of scanned 35mm and 120 film (along with a handful of digicam pics) encourages you to document your life more, so you too can create new realities from your pet’s perspective.

About the artist: Pravar is a Toronto-based photographer, focusing on storytelling through photo essays.

By Pravar Joshi; 2024; 170x244mm; 38 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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