• Why I Won't Drive A Car

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Why I Won't Drive A Car

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The zine I created, Why I Won't Drive A Car, is the inaugural issue of my series "Capitalism Shenanigans." It stems from my personal decision not to get a driver's license, a choice that frequently prompts questions from others. This zine delves into one of the primary reasons behind my decision: the car industry's significant role in driving capitalism. 

This industry's influence results in lower-quality public transportation, a scarcity of bike lanes, and narrow sidewalks in most North American cities and towns. The zine offers an introduction and insight into how our current transportation system came to be.

About the artist: Aviva is a multidisciplinary designer and zine creator from Winnipeg, now based in Toronto. She holds a degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2021). Aviva works as a graphic designer and administrator. You’ll often find her at Sneaky Dee’s, cooking for friends, or strolling through the city.

By Aviva Davis; 2023; 127x203mm; 24 pages; Risograph, Saddle-Stitched; Zine Shine 2024

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