• You’re a #@%*&!: A Sad Girl Manifesto

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You’re a #@%*&!: A Sad Girl Manifesto

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You’re a #@%*&!: A Sad Girl Manifesto is about acknowledging the joy of caring for others — without forgetting our obligation to care for ourselves. It’s about striving to be both soft and boundaried while learning how to navigate situations where we’re unsure if we’re being (appropriately) forgiving or (embarrassingly) foolish. It’s about remembering that most relationships are a summary of the choices we make together. So naturally, it’s also about taking responsibility for ourselves and learning how to begin making better choices. This zine pulls on personal experience, philosophy, pop culture and light humour to challenge the cultural stories we tell ourselves about what it means to be a messy human looking for love.

About the artist: Felicia is a Canadian artist and social theorist whose work explore the complex dynamics that exist between individuals and the social groups/structures that govern our lives. While exploring heavy topics her work often leans into humour and fun illustrations to lighten the load of the world.

By Felicia Falconer; 2023; 215.9x139.7mm; 44 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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