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Your Heart is Wide

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This is a zine about our capacity for kindness, compassion, and love. It is an affirmation that your heart is indeed wide enough to make space for forgiveness, to welcome new friends, to give second and third chances, to be kinder than necessary, and to create acceptance for yourself and others. We are capable of more kindness and sincerity than we often realize, and this zine seeks to inspire you to stretch your heart a little wider, making more room for the goodness life has to offer. Believe in the expansiveness of your heart, and you might just surprise yourself with how deeply kind you can be.

About the artist: Hi, I'm Aamna. I love art in all its forms and mediums, but I especially identify as a zine artist because zines let me explore creativity, storytelling, and illustration all in one. Through zines, I share my unique voice and connect with others.

By Aamna Naveed; 2023; 43x56mm; 8 pages; Full Colour; Zine Shine 2024

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