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Pfeil Magazine #17

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Within the format of a magazine, each page of Pfeil represents the floor, walls, or ceiling which together create an imagined room displaying a printed exhibition. Each issue is dedicated to a specific word, and artists are invited and given space to work on and with this term, and to construct or deconstruct the architecture around it. Combined, the contributions transform into an organic display surrounding the leitmotif.

In this issue:

From bottom to top and back again, this issue is dedicated to the motif High, with all its connected meanings. We encounter physical, mental, and social states of up and down, high and low, how they relate to each other and yet constantly contradict. Inside are tales of drug history, addiction, the reproduction crisis, hopes and disappointments, radiation with benefits, high-pitched dolphin tones, and even a frightened cupcake.

London, United Kingdom; 235x330mm; 66 pages

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