• Drift #3, Havana


Drift #3, Havana

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Drift is a magazine devoted to coffee culture. It's about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Each issue highlights a different city.

In this issue:

  • A look into ventanillas, the window shops Cubans set up to sell coffee from their homes;
  • Shopping trip: How Havana locals get their café con chícharo;
  • An interview with artist Damian Aquiles about the coffee that fuels his work;
  • How Havana earned (and lost and regained) its reputation as a coffee capital;
  • Profiles of Major League baseball players;
  • A photo series dedicated to Cocotaxi drivers’ favorite places to drink coffee;
  • A look into the city’s two state-owned coffee roasters;
  • Profiles of students at the University of Havana;
  • Café Bustelo: How one coffee brand recreates the tastes of home, abroad;
  • And more…

USA; 216 x 280mm; 160 pages; Biannual; 2015

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