• Flash Art Volumes 001 – 2024

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Flash Art Volumes 001 – 2024

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Flash Art Volumes: Anti-Composition is the first publication dedicated to new (and forgotten) aesthetics surrounding the intersections of design and architecture. Conceived by Flash Art Editor-in-Chief, Gea Politi, and Creative Director, Alessio Avventuroso, and Guest curated by architect and curator Luigi Alberto Cippini, Anti-Composition is organized into three distinct sections: “HBC,” “Cute Stalking,” and “Institutions, Please Don’t!”

In this issue: The name of the first section, “HBC,” comes from Herschel B. Chipp’s Theories of Modern Art, a monolithic and ancient source book which made a perfect case for how informal notes could be factored into a critical understanding of shifts in the realm of high art. “HBC” examines informal aspects of artistic expression beyond antiquated theories, and features discussions with established, current, and emerging artists: Michael E. Smith in conversation with Luigi Alberto Cippini; Peter Fischli by Hugo Bausch Belbachir; and Paride Maria Calvia in conversation with Clem MacLeod. “HBC” also includes a visual essay by Anne Imhof, realized in her Berlin home.

Milan, Italy; 230mm x 300mm; 300 pages

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