• MacGuffin #12


MacGuffin #12

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MacGuffin is an unusual design and crafts magazine. It features fabulous stories about the life of ordinary, often anonymously designed things. Each biannual edition takes an object and explores the manifold stories it generates. Like the MacGuffins in Hitchcock films, these things are not the main characters, but the plot devices that set the story in motion.

In this issue: MacGuffin's 12th issue is all about The Log. Inside, we take 'a walk in the woods to explore the design and politics of timber.' As ever, this edition is beautifully-crafted, much like the timber-based designs it features inside. Everything from fossil trees, matchsticks, wood-carving, fast-furniture, illegal logging and more.

Plus, features on the poetry to be found inside the cells of trees, the careful balance between insects, trees and humans, and, most wonderfully of all, 'An Ode to the Log Lady' of Twin Peaks. Another fantastic example of what a magazine can be at its best.

Amsterdam, Netherlands; 210 x 275mm; 226 pages

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