• Milk Decoration #49

Milk Decoration

Milk Decoration #49

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Milk Decoration is a high-end magazine, whose vocation is to inspire young contemporary, urban, cosmopolitan and connected families in terms of styles and decoration. The expert eye of the editorial team will decipher interior scenes and present new decor & design with freshness, as being the toys of today's parents. An intimate look at the way of life of today's tribes.

In this issue:

  • Garcé & Dimofski: A whole new kind of interior decorator
  • All about textiles: The trend for 2024
  • Decoration: The chalet of artist not vital
  • Destination: Sumba, a jewel of nature
  • With: Clara Diez, Ramdane Touhami, Adeline Halot, Julien Michaud, Mariana Schmidt, Knud Erik Hansen

Paris, France; 210 x 270mm; 159 pages; February/March 2024

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