• Monocle, The Escapist #02


Monocle, The Escapist #02

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Monocle’s reimagined travel annual The Escapist is back. In our optimistic take on the world of travel and hospitality, we visit Brazil’s unspoiled Costa Verde, a pretty corner of Provence where a new crop of hoteliers is setting up shop and a smart new opening that captures the buoyant mood in Marrakech. Plus: Lufthansa’s next move, why the cruise isn’t sunk and Manhattan’s smartest bar. Where will it take you?

In this issue: Ready, Set, Go! Time for Takeoff

  • Five destinations to see, explor and enjoy: Marbella, Luberon, Costa Verde, Nagasaki, Marrakech.
  • Travel Guides on Scotland and Hong Kong
  • And much more…

 London, United Kingdom; 200x265mm; 170 pages

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