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Reading Night

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Reading Night comes from a monthly reading series hosted by Margot Fabre in Tkaronto/Toronto. Each guest brings something they wrote—a letter, a list, a note, a poem. This publication is the physical record of the evening. Contributions by: Matthew Sabloff, Francis May, Jess Beketa, Akash Bansal, Seden Lai, Meghan Gagliardi, Sara Legg, Ansel Schmidt, Margot Fabre.

About the artist: Margot lives and works in Tkaronto/Toronto. Her work employs drawing, writing, translating, bookmaking and its intersections with contemporary comics. She recently funded Spy Press. Spy Press publishes zines and is dedicated to embodied practices of writing and listening by hosting reading events.
By Margot Fabre; 2024; 200x266mm; 48 pages; Laser printing on glossy paper; metal paper fasteners; Zine Shine 2024
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