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Souvenir #02

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Souvenir is an ongoing travel photozine by designer and artist Eric Francisco. It is a psychogeographical document and a tangible memento of the landscapes, textures, and visual poetry of the places he visits. Issue No. 2 features images taken from a full day of hiking in the forests of Algonquin Provincial Park, in May of 2023. Each zine/multiple comes with 4 postcards and an info card, housed in an envelope for easy safekeeping and/or gift-giving. Published by Reflex Editions, in an edition of 30.

About the artist: Eric Francisco (He/Him) is a an artist and graphic designer from the GTA. He is a practitioner of walking as an artistic practice. He employs photography, writing, printmaking, and experimental publishing as psychogeographical tools to reimagine and transmute immediate landscapes and everyday situations into personal poetics. He also co-runs Reflex Editions, a DIY experimental publishing collective interested in exploring ideas and approaches surrounding nature, the poetics of space, storytelling, and analog processes.

By Eric Francisco; 2023; 114.3x177.8mm; 64 pages, Risograph and Laser Print; Zine Shine 2024

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