• The Architectural Review #1511

The Architectural Review

The Architectural Review #1511

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The Architectural Review is a monthly architectural magazine. Its articles cover the built environment – which includes landscape, building design, interior design and urbanism – as well as the theory associated with these subjects.

In this issue: Democracy
This year, around half of the global population is invited to the polls. At the same time, democracies feel increasingly fragile. This issue turns its gaze to traditional seats of democratic power such as parliaments, but also to spaces clawed back for public dialogue, and contested for private gain. Architects are key agents in the struggle for democracy: able to critically engage with the world around them by envisioning alternative spaces, heading to the polls and denouncing anti-democratic practices. As Jan-Werner Müller writes, ‘democracy is not just about elections, but continuous critical questioning.’

London, UK; 230 x 280mm; May 2024; 113 pages; Publishing since 1896
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