• The Great Discontent #05

The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent #05

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The Great Discontent features creatives from all fields and industries. First launched in 2011 on exclusively digital platforms, The Great Discontent featured candid conversations with creators and gained international popularity. In 2014 TGD became a print publication and continues to feature high-quality, long-form interviews with artists of all kinds. 

In this issue: Issue 05 examines uncertainty from all angles and how it affects each creative featured in this issue.

  • PJ Vegas
  • Monica Ahanonu
  • Kamilah Rashied
  • Sofia Gallisá Muriente
  • Giorgia Lupi
  • Demar Matthews
  • Michael Two Bulls
  • Jordan Wong
  • Lucy McRae
  • Tony Whlgn
  • Carly Ayres
  • Rick Garzon
  • Zykera Tucker
  • Meena Khalili and Sheharazad Fleming

New York, NY; 230 x 305mm; 2022

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