• Troublemakers #1


Troublemakers #1

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Troublemakers is a a new title from Tokyo. The team behind the magazine spotlight misfits of all kinds through in-depth interview, photo portfolios and essays. This is a magazine that tells the unique life stories of individuals living today.

In this issue: We met Remy Nitta, an Osaka-based American trans woman; Maya Sekine, a Japanese indigenous people Ainu culture advocat; Christian Cohle, an Irish singer-songwriter; and Mio Kojima and Maya Ober, co-directors of a Switzerland-based intersectional feminist platform Futuress. Also, we introduce German photographer Tamara Eckhardt’s photo documentary about an Irish minority group called Travellers and Japanese artist Taro Karibe’s essay on his depersonalization.

Tokyo, Japan; 160 pages; 170 x 240 mm; 2024

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