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Canthius #13

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Canthius is an intersectional feminist magazine that publishes poetry and prose by writers of marginalized gender identities, including trans, Two Spirit, non-binary, agender, cis women, genderqueer, GNC, and intersex writers. The magazine is published bi-annually on the unceded territory of the Anishinaabeg and the traditional territory of the Ojibway and the Mississaugas of the New Credit. Recognizing the historical underrepresentation of certain groups in the Canadian literary arts, we are committed to publishing diverse perspectives and experiences and strongly encourage Indigenous women, Black women, and women of colour, to submit.

In this issue: 

Canthius Issue 13 presents new work from Kathryn Lennon (with a translation by Yilin Wang and Wai-Ling Lennon), Rachel Lachmansingh, Adriana Onițǎ, Julia Rudlaff, Kat Mohr, Tina Do, Rebekah Rempel, Miranda Baker, Sarah Hilton, Hannah Siden, Alice G. Waldert, Catherine St. Denis, Gabrielle Spear, Mahpiya Eagle, Olivia Zarzycki, Sadie McCarney, Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi, Erica Isomura, and Chrissie Minnery. 

Artwork by M.E. Sparks. 

Ottawa, Canada; 175x200mm; 85 pages

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